Transit & Transit-XS Reviews

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TRANSIT is an audiophile’s portable dream come true.

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The slickest Bluetooth speaker you've never heard of. Transit by Soen is one of the more sleekly designed and decent-sounding travel Bluetooth speakers.

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A striking industrial design and surprisingly rich sound.

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Very good sound and looks, and it feels like Apple had designed it.

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In a sea of Bluetooth speakers, the TRANSIT stands out with its spectacular industrial design....., After listening to all types of audio for a few weeks I have come enormously pleased....

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Soen customers are saying...

Got the transit for Christmas, it is awesome. The sound is amazing for such a small speaker. The design is clean and modern. The speakerphone feature is also very cool.

Peter Cohen, Oak Park, CA

I’m so impressed with every aspect of my TRANSIT – sound, build, design, packaging, customer service. It’s obvious this is a labour of love by its designers. No other explanation is possible for having created such a fine product.

Ron Collins, Ontario, Canada

When I opened the box it felt luxurious. This is not some cheap foreign made product. The wall charger is compact and folds up. The magnetic case to protect the speaker is awesome. The pop out stand is solid. The speaker is well designed, gorgeous and portable yet sturdy and hearty and feels very durable.

I was concerned about pairing it to multiple devices but it was a breeze. The sound quality and volume is absolutely stunning. The quality of sound is far better than my previous Bose and other brand devices. This has become my home office speaker phone as well. The call quality and microphone are outstanding. This product is awesome and my guests have agreed. The quality, functionality and ease of use far exceed the price point.

Donna B., Ventura, CA

Transit-XS Reviews

The Transit XS by Soen Audio, a pocket-sized, mountable Bluetooth speaker created by award-winning sound engineers and designers, has reached full funding on Kickstarter in only 24 hours.

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The Soen Transit XS Bluetooth portable speaker has surprisingly great sound for such a small size.

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Transit XS is drop-dead gorgeous and has surprisingly good sound quality and volume for such a small device....If you love deep, pounding bass, you're going to love this speaker.

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In this podcast, Scott Howell gives a review of the Soen Transit XS Bluetooth speaker.

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I've tested speakers twice this size that can't deliver the crisp bass that's produced by the XS' tiny package.

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Definitely not bad for this size! Great job! A little bit more bass would be nice, but I don't think that this is possible at this size.

Jeremy Stucki, Switzerland

Transit XS delivers balanced sound with deep bass. It is a very refined and well developed product and doesn't even seem like a Kickstarter project at all.

William Ng, Miami, FL.

Transit XS seems reasonably clean and balanced for its size. Also remarkably less boxy sound from speaker this small. When comparing with other Bluetooth speakers such as the Pill & Jambox Mini, my vote goes to the XS!

Derek Lo, Hong Kong

Got mine today. No question: for a speaker this size the sound is truly amazing!

Paul Vanderheyden, Netherlands

All I can say is - wow! Pleasantly surprised. Nice sound. Better than anticipated. Good job.

Daniel Monte Ocasio, Cortlandt Manor, NY

I love it~ worked right out of the box. The design and sound is amazing. Thank you!

Evon Freeman, Burbank, CA