About Us

SOEN was founded by industry leading audio engineers, designers and craftsmen brought together by their passions to create the world's finest audio products. Digital music and smart devices have liberated the personal entertainment. But SOEN founders felt the existing audio technologies were failing to provide good sound from smaller form factors. The design and quality of most incumbent products was also un-inspiring and clutter-some. Inspired by music and driven for perfection, the SOEN team embarked on a mission to enrich lives with superior technologies and best-in-class products. SOEN audio wizards have developed cutting-edge technologies that deliver stunning sound from amazingly small spaces. This miniaturization of high-performance enables the SOEN designers to create beautiful and intelligent products. With a magical synthesis of design and performance, SOEN products provide an unparalleled immersive experience.


Hari Seedhar

Having lived in China for 8 years and now in the US for over a decade, Hari has global experience in developing a broad range of products from semiconductors, home appliances to high-end audio products (harman/kardon and JBL) . Building teams and collaborating to solve problems are the most exciting aspects of business for Hari.

Glen Walters

Director, Product Engineering
Tremendous experience at forging challenging designs into manufacturable products while applying principles of design economics. Glen has performed cutting edge engineering during his glorious career with Apple, JBL and harman/kardon.

Mark Trainer

Director, Audio Engineering
15 Years of experience designing cutting edge audio technologies for global brands including JBL, harman/kardon. Responsible for designing some of the industry's benchmark transducers used in many flagship products.

Kevin Hayes

Director, Design
Ingenious and original, versatile and experienced in projects spanning technology, lighting and lifestyle products. Kevin is a master in Industrial Design & enhancing the user experience. He has won numerous design awards for leading multi-national companies.