Transit & Transit-XS Reviews

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Soen customers are saying...

SOEN Transit has the “Best Definition” I have heard from a bluetooth speaker. It is the best sounding speaker in its size and class, period.

Nakul Kamte
Sound Designer. 3 IIFA awards for Technical Excellence

The Transit by Soen stands alone in the portable speakers category. The thing that sets it apart is the quality and musicality of its sound.

The sound designers have done a deft job of balancing all the frequencies so the sound is detailed and clear without being harsh, the mids are warm and lively. For such a small device, Momentum Port creates a surprising amount of real and articulate bass.

You will really enjoy listening to music on it.

Lloyd R. Baggs
CEO, L.R. Baggs. Manufacturer of acoustic guitar gear for professional musicicans.

I’m so impressed with every aspect of my TRANSIT. Very happy with the sound clarity and amazing sound levels for its footprint. Bluetooth set up was a charm. Form factor is a big plus. Being relatively slim, it is easier to slide in my computer bag. Wife even carried it in her purse a couple of times.

Design is cool. Looks professional, rigid, with brushed metallic accents. Minimal buttons, nice smooth finish on the body. Did not have handsfree calling in mind in mind when I bought Transit but find it very handy now after using it in several long conference calls.

The packaging was very Apple like which conforms that a lot of thought and efforts have gone into the product to make it a premium product. Came with a handy magnetic cover which nicely tucks the Transit while in "transit". It is not the cheapest but I guess like any premium product you get what you pay for. No regrets!

Manjinder S. M., Melbourne, Australia

Transit-XS Reviews

Ok, got mine yesterday and I just have to say this – Transit XS is absolutely awesome! The bass is fantastic. This is hands down the best kickstarter project I've backed by a mile. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Mike Kier, Wheaton, IL

Transit XS is for me the best portable speaker ever! This little gem is awesome. Bass is great from such a small package. Max volume may not be too loud but it is not too bad. Looking forward to use it daily!

Jitesh Surana, New Delhi, India

The more I use the speaker the more I love it. I took it out on the deck while I was roasting some coffee, put some Torben Waldorff on and could not believe how great it sounded. I realize sound is a very subjective thing and there are numerous factors that can influence the experience such as environment etc. However, The speaker really performed well and there was plenty of bass and clarity in the highs. The speaker unfortunately took a tumble off the table, but absolutely no damage and the little bit of crud wiped right off. I couldn't be happier.

Scott Howell, Mount Airy, MD

Great sound, even better bass.

Robert Garza, Rio Grande City, TX

My experience with Transit XS has been wonderful. From the packaging, product design, and ultimately sound experience, I am very impressed! Well thought out and definitely aesthetically pleasing.

Michael Lee, Kew Gardens, NY

Love it! Sound is great for such a small package.

Terry Hibdon, Rockford, MI