Quick And Easy Setup

Transit is designed to be very fun and easy to use. This quick Bluetooth® wireless setup is a one time setup for each device you want to connect. Watch the video above or follow the steps below to setup the wireless Bluetooth® connection. Most devices including Android™, Windows® and Blackberry® are very similar to the iPhone® setup in the video, with only changes to the location of the menu items.

Wirelessly Connect To Transit

  1. Open the kickstand by pressing the grooved button.

  2. Switch Transit ‘ON’.

  3. Press and hold the Option ‘∞’ button until Transit begins emitting the Bluetooth® pairing tone. The LED light will then begin flashing blue, indicating Transit is now available to connect to your device.

  4. On the phone, tablet or device you are connecting, access the Bluetooth® settings and turn Bluetooth® ‘ON’. Then ‘Add’ or ‘Search’ for devices, when “TRANSIT” appears in the list, select it. If a passcode is required, enter “0000”.

  5. When TRANSIT connects with your device it will emit the ‘Connected’ tone and the blue light will stop flashing. You are now connected and ready to play.