This Week In Accessories: 14 Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas For iPhone Owners

Can you believe it? The holiday season is almost in full swing. And until the end of the year, we’ll be focusing each week on perfect accessories for every iOS device owner in your life. This week, we’re highlighting 14 gift ideas for iPhone owners.

Life is Better with Music

Soen Audio Transit, $199.95

Finding a Bluetooth speaker isn’t an easy task these days. It seems that pretty much every company known to man has introduced their best try at a wireless speaker. While the Transit from Soen Audio isn’t perfect, it’s close. A newcomer to the speaker world, the company boasts a number of former employees from big names like JBL and Harman Kardon. And the company’s first product, the Transit, arrived on the scene earlier this year.

You’ll have to be content with only one color option – black with silver accents. But the sound quality and spectacular industrial design more than makes up for that shortcoming. I reviewed the speaker in September, and was blown away by both the sound and build quality. And what is sometimes an afterthought on other Bluetooth speakers – the built-in microphone – was spectacular, making it the perfect device for the never-ending conference call.

Even though the six-hour battery life was a little disappointing, the company recently lowered the price to $199.95, making it a standout choice. You can order the speaker now on the company’s site.

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